Keenan’s Senior Session

Shot-1 Shot-2 Shot-3A couple weeks ago I did a senior session for Keenan, a senior at Western Alamance High School. These are three of my favorite shots from the session also ones I think he really enjoyed.


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Skittles Stop Motion


_DSC2301This is a photo I took for my sixth self promotional assignment. I had some difficulties lighting the can and the glass because they had to be lit separately. Once I figured out the lighting the shoot went by very quickly. I like they way the glass looks because the heat from my lights was making it sweat. I also like how the light came through the lemon on the glass. Over all I think Idid a decent job on this shoot and im really happy with it.


greene_a_sp5_croppedThis was my fifth self promotional assignment for the semester. I had originally wanted to do a hershey’s chocolate advertisement but then I thought about doing something with smores and decided that was the way to go. I had to make a smore in the kitchen and had never done that before so I turned the stove on and started roasting. Once the photography department smelled just like burnt marshmallow I went to shoot. I like how the image turned out but sadly didnt get to eat the smore afterwards.

Stone Mountain

greene_alison_pano-2In one of our classes we learned how to shoot panoramas. I think panoramas are really cool and I enjoyed shooting mine. I took off up to Stone Mountain State Park in Roaring Gap North Carolina with my dad and sister to shoot my panorama assignment. Stone mountain has a sort of sentimental meaning to me because its where my dad would take me and my sister to go camping as children. While we were there we went back to places that we had made so many fond memories. I really enjoyed shooting this assignment and taking a trip back to childhood with the people I spent the most time with.


Fossil Watch

greene_a_sp4_cropped-2This photo is from one of my most recent self promotional assignments. So far I have tried to do things in different areas of commercial photography just to get my hands on a little bit of everything. I hadn’t done any close up product shots for a self promo so I decided to photograph my watch. I thought it would be difficult to photograph but it wasn’t as hard as I had imagined. I was in and out of the studio in less than an hour which for anyone that has seen me work is record timing. I think the shot looks good and clean which is what I was going for and I am really happy with my result.


Make Up

makeupretouch copyWe had an assignment this week to copy a tear sheet of a product advertisement we found online or in a magazine. I decided to do a make up add thinking it wouldnt be to difficult. I was quickly proved wrong. It was very difficult to replicate a make up shot. Or just to photograph make up in general. This isn’t the exact shot I turned in but its one that I liked. I like the textures that you can see. I also experimented with putting an extender on a lens for the first time which turned out to be pretty cool.

Dyed Eggs

greene_a_client4_croppedLike every week we get a client assignment. The assignment this week was to photograph one dozen eggs. Outside of having one dozen visible egg shells in the photograph there were no limit to what we could do. Everything from eggs in a carton to eggs with faces on them were turned in. I had a good time photographing this assignment mostly because I got to dye eggs and act like a little kid again. I did how ever break two eggs one hit the floor in the kitchen the other got dropped on the table. After cleaning up all my mess I got to photograph my pretty blue eggs.


“Be the Change…”

greene_a_client3_finalFor my third client assignment in my commercial class we were instructed to create a book cover for a self help book that would be titled Gandhi’s famous quote about being the change you want to see in the world. My final product is not exactly what I had originally visioned. I wanted to do the same concept but with a smaller plant that looked like a tree and have it lit from behind so it glowed. I quickly figured out that wasn’t working so I settled for the image above. I do like my final product but I think this will be one I try again just to fix some small things.



05_greene_pringles_03This weeks assignment was different than most of the assignments we have done in the past. It was a two part assignment featuring Pringles. The first part was to create some ideas using Pringles, draw a sketch and explain what we wanted it to look like. After that was done we went back to class and traded sketches. The second portion of the assignment was to make someone else’s idea come to life. My final photo is a representation of Brandon Stillengers idea.

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